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Ukraine and the world "Young Scientist"

Involvement of students in scientific activities is one of the priority areas of the Department. Relevant work with students is carried out from the 1st year of study, but in the preparation of bachelor’s and diploma theses it is already mandatory. The main forms of scientific activity of students are participation in national and international conferences, preparation of scientific publications and graduation theses. This process is carried out under the guidance and with the participation of all research and teaching staff of the department. At the same time, it is obligatory to observe the principles of academic charity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and the documents of KNUKiM.

In order to train specialists for students, the annual international conference “Ukraine and the World” is held, based on the results of which the scientific student collection “Young Scientist” is published (link to the collections). In addition to our students, students from other universities also take part in the conference.
Students of the Department also take part in scientific events of other educational institutions of Ukraine and the EU

Academic integrity

Since 2017, KNUKiM has been testing academic papers for signs of plagiarism in the Unicheck system. And the main thing in the process of inspections is the “synergy of machine and man”, because the report on the inspection without analysis by the operator of the inspection in the anti-plagiarism system loses its value. The main stages of verification in the Unicheck system were also revealed and characterized.

Particular attention was paid to the modifications used by unscrupulous researchers, and the importance of adhering to the principles of academic integrity, developing skills in writing one’s own texts, and teaching academic writing was emphasized.

Information meetings are held for students every year. The latter was held on October 13 for 1-2 year students of the Department of International Relations in the form of a mini-lecture on Academic Integrity.

Presentation on “Academic Integrity”

Academic Integrity Week at the Faculty of PR, Journalism and Cyber Security – 2023.

Quality of education

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Shylko Illia Ihorovych

Deputy Student Dean of the Department of International Relations

Polezhak Elvira Viktorivna

Head of the media group of the Department of International Relations

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