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Take the online demo version of the NMT test in mathematics

Take the online demo version of the NMT test in mathematics



The Department of International Relations offers everyone who wants to take an online demo version of the NMT subject test in mathematics.

The test was developed by specialists of the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education and is similar to the test that will be offered to entrants when taking the national multi-subject test.

Taking this version of the math test will help applicants assess their level of preparation, identify tasks that require additional attention, and navigate the time needed to complete tasks.

The method of performing all tasks in the test is as close as possible to the real test, and the form of the answer corresponds to the type that will be offered to applicants during the NMT.

After completing the test, the participant will be provided with the correct answers to all tasks and the calculated result in test points.

In addition to the demo version of the subject block in mathematics, which will be offered to applicants, on the ZNO-ONLINE website you will be able to find all the ZNO tests from past years in the subjects that interest you.

Selective performance of tasks of certain types or thematic blocks will allow to qualitatively repeat the topics provided by the program from all subjects that will be presented at the NMT.

Also, such training will help to work out the most problematic sections and get used to working in an online environment.


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