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The schedule of the ZNO (NMT) in 2023

The schedule of the ZNO (NMT) in 2023



As part of the 2023 admissions campaign, a national multi-subject test (NMT) in computer format will be held for the second time instead of the traditional external examination.

It will not be possible to take the test at home, because it will take place in special temporary examination centers (premises of schools, universities) created in populated areas of Ukraine (upon agreement with state authorities), as well as in some countries of the world.

In total, there are two testing sessions. In addition to the main session, an additional session will be held.


Session date:

1. Main – June 5 – June 23

2. Additional – July 11 – July 24


It is expected that the vast majority of participants in the multi-subject test should be tested during the main session.

An additional session will be available for those who cannot attend the main session.

There may be several reasons for participating in an additional testing session – impossibility to get to the testing point, in particular, from the occupied territory, or an obstacle to working on the test (for example, the announcement of an air raid).

Each participant can take the test only once. That is, there is no possibility to retake the test during an additional session.