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We are preparing for NMT-2023 independently!

We are preparing for NMT-2023 independently!



Graduates and teachers are always concerned about the issue of quality preparation for NMT. NMT will consist of 60 questions in three subjects – Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine.


⭐️So we offer you a list of 7 useful resources for preparing for NMT:


1. UTSOYAO website
It contains all relevant and official information regarding the terms and procedures of the NMT, as well as training programs and examples of tasks.

2. EdEra is an online education studio. On this platform you will find free online courses for NMT preparation.

3. The platform of open online courses Prometheus is the first and largest free education project for everyone in Ukraine.

4. iLearn is a free platform with online training courses, tests and webinars for everyone who wants to study and successfully pass the NMT.

5. Blog of the educational studio Educator. In the blog, teachers of NMT preparation courses share their experience, advice and useful links.

6. The INTRODUCTORY.INFO resource will be useful for familiarizing yourself with the passing scores of previous years for various specialties.

7. is a portal that collects all NMT tests grouped by year.



We wish you success!